Nick Begich

Nicholas Begich III is a candidate for the 2022 U.S. House special election. (Alaska Public Media)

Nick Begich | Party: Republican| Age: 44 | Occupation: Business Executive and Investor| Residence: Chugiak |

Have you or will you file to also run in the regular election for the U.S. House seat?

I am running in the special and regular election for the U.S. House seat.

Candidate statement:

Hi, my name is Nick Begich, and I’m a pro-development, pro-jobs, pro-family candidate. I spent my career in the private sector, building new businesses, and helping grow opportunity for founders and their teams. I believe in the incredible potential of Alaska and its people. And I’m prepared to go to D.C. to make the business case for Alaska to the nation and the world. Whether it’s oil and gas, critical minerals, fishing, timber, tourism, we’re a resource state. This is not about a brand, a career or an ego. This race must be about you and your future in Alaska. Thank you for engaging and thank you for your vote.

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