Mike Milligan

Mike Milligan is a candidate for the 2022 U.S. House special election. (Photo provided by candidate)

Mike Milligan | Party: Democrat | Age: 68 | Occupation: Retired construction worker | Residence: Kodiak

Have you or will you file to also run in the regular election for the U.S. House seat?

I will most likely file for the regular election.

Candidate statement:

Hello, Mike Milligan here. I’m a candidate for U.S. house. I live here in Kodiak. I’m a Democrat, and I’ve held elected office here. I’ve worked on the Alaska pipeline, and I’ve lived in various areas of the state. And I firmly believe that going into the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a mistake not only for Alaska’s reputation, but will ultimately hurt our Alaskan oil industry. I propose that the citizens of Alaska start to think about negotiating for state-owned corridors that will connect various areas of our state. And as a U.S. congressman, that’s one thing that I would spend a lot of my energy towards, towards working for these state-owned corridors. Thank you, and I’d appreciate your vote.

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