Arlene Carle

Arlene Carl is a candidate for the 2022 U.S. House special election. (Photo provided by candidate)

Arlene Carle | Party: Independent | Age: I’m over 25 – the required age. | Occupation: Retired | Residence: Anchorage |

Have you or will you file to also run in the regular election for the U.S. House seat?

I’m only running to complete the term of Congressman Don Young.

Candidate statement:

We must show Washington, D.C. their green energy policy is folly given today’s technology. Windmills freeze up in the cold, they need constant wind and petroleum lubrication. Electric cars have a range of about 200 miles and then must be recharged. It takes minutes to fill up a gas tank. It takes five hours to recharge and electric car. Solar panels need sun. The sun doesn’t shine at night. We have Arctic communities where the sun doesn’t shine for three months at a stretch. Summer is fine, but what about when solar panels are covered with snow? Washington, D.C. must stop its war on petroleum. It’s costing jobs and causing inflation. My name is Arlene Carle, c-a-r-l-e.

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