Alaska military exercise seeks more ocean; public comment ends soon

A map showing the Gulf of Alaska and southwest Alaska
The Western Maneuver Area is the expanded area proposed by the U.S. Navy for 2023. The military says live-fire drills and active sonar would remain limited to the existing “Temporary Maritime Activities Area” that it’s used in the past. (Image courtesy U.S. Navy)

Public comment ends Monday for a U.S. Navy proposal to more than quadruple the area its ships are allowed to maneuver for a war games exercise next summer in the Gulf of Alaska.

Northern Edge is a biennial, large-scale training exercise that involves the Air Force, Army and Marine Corps, as well as the Navy, which says it needs more room.

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In the past, the Navy has worked within a 55,000 square mile zone east of Kodiak and south of Prince William Sound. But for 2023, it wants to add 246,000 square miles, stretching west to a point south of Dutch Harbor.

Critics of Northern Edge include coastal Alaska city councils, commercial fishers and environmental and Alaska Native groups. They say such a massive exercise – often conducted in May, with live munitions and active sonar – disrupts fish and marine mammals during a critical time, as they’re migrating and breeding in the Gulf of Alaska.

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The Navy disputes its activities harm fish and marine mammals, saying it takes steps to mitigate negative impacts. Unlike its existing zone, the Navy would not conduct live-fire training or use active sonar in the new area.

A supplemental environmental impact statement is available for review and public comment. The comment period is open until 11:59 p.m. Monday, May 2.

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