2022 Anchorage Assembly Candidate: Darin Colbry

Darin Colbry is a candidate for Anchorage Assembly in the April 2022 election. (Photo provided by candidate)

This Q&A is part of a broader candidate survey by the Anchorage Daily News. View the full survey here.

Darin Colbry | District: 6 | Age: 45 | Occupation: Landscaping and DoorDashing

What is the most important problem facing your district? How would you address it?

Public safety. I would get more patrols in neighborhoods at night.

Rate Dave Bronson’s performance as mayor. Explain, with specific examples.

I give him a 10 because he has an Assembly that is hard to work with.

The past two years have been marked by increased civic discord in Anchorage. How would you improve the quality of civic discourse in the city?

I would make sure that we try to come together and with the truth have an open dialogue on issues that are affecting our city.

What’s your vision for improving and diversifying Anchorage’s economy?

We need to use our resources in the growth of jobs and more vocational training schools and in tourism, which is where we get our money.

What do you see as the most effective strategies to address homelessness in Anchorage going forward?

It’s a very tricky area, there is no easy solution, but as a community we need to come together for a solution.

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