Alaska News Nightly: Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Herring caught during the 2014 Sitka Sound sac roe fishery. A recent study suggests that managers should take a longer view when managing fisheries like this one. (KCAW/Rachel Waldholz)

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Wednesday on Alaska News Nightly:

Alaska reaches a new COVID milestone as omicron tapers off in some parts of the country. Also, as the state Supreme Court upholds ranked choice voting, the governor wants other election reforms. And the state’s Department of Fish and Game has announced the largest-ever harvest guideline for Sitka sac roe herring.

Reports tonight from:

Andrew Kitchenman and Bridget Dowd in Juneau
Liz Ruskin in Washington, D.C.
Greg Kim in Bethel
Eric Stone in Ketchikan
and Robert Woolsey in Sitka

Alaska News Nightly is hosted by Casey Grove, with producing and audio engineering from Toben Shelby and Katie Anastas.

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