Family raise alarm for missing Juneau man: ‘He’s gone for a few days, but he always calls back’

Clifford White (Photo courtesy Juneau Police Department)

Another Juneau man has gone missing, and his family say they haven’t heard from him for weeks. 

Juneau police say they’ve been looking for Clifford White since they got a missing person’s report for him on Oct. 31.

White’s family said it’s unusual not to hear anything from him for this long. 

“He’s gone for a few days but he always called back,” said his father Mark White.

He said his son has been struggling since his mother died late last year. 

“She died of COVID-19,” he said. “It almost took me too. Somehow I survived that. ”

Mark White said she was the first person in Juneau to die from the virus. He got sick too and was at Bartlett Regional Hospital for almost a month. And Clifford White, who was close to his mom and usually lives with his dad, hasn’t been the same since. 

White, who is 76 and struggling with long-term COVID-19 symptoms, said he misses his son. And he has one message for him.

“Please call me,” he said.

Clifford White is a local MMA fighter. People describe him as being in good shape. He’s 29 years old and Alaska Native. He has short black hair and his father says he has a goatee and mustache right now. He’s about 5 feet 11 inches tall and has tattoos. 

Cecilia Lott, his aunt, said they’ve tried calling him several times, but his phone goes straight to voicemail. Some friends said on social media that they’ve gotten messages from him. 

“My daughter just got done looking all over and checking the trails and everything for him, where the homeless people stay,” Lott said.

She said she last heard from him about 3 weeks ago. He generally jogs by her house in Switzer Creek. She said he wanted to celebrate his late mother’s birthday, but it was hard. And, he knew he was depressed. 

“Yeah, he knew. Everybody knew,” she said. “We were trying to counsel him and everything cause he always listens to me. He calls me mom instead of auntie.”

She said she’s hopeful that he’s in town and that they’ll find him soon. 

Clifford White is the fourth Juneau man to go missing since August. 

Anyone with information about him can reach the Juneau Police Department at 907-586-0600 or make anonymous tips through Juneau Crime Line.

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