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Bryce Wrigley asked himself one question after seeing the news in 2005 of Hurricane Katrina, what if this happened in Alaska? He saw how Alaska relies on importing foods and if a natural disaster of that size were to happen, his own state would be in danger. The next question he asked was, what can I do? He turned to Barley, a grain known to be an alternative for those allergic to wheat as well as those with diabetes and heart disease. 

Bryce Wrigley opened The Alaska Flour Company in Delta Junction, AK in 2009 with the help of his family and they have been producing strictly Barley ever since. They plan on continuing in this family tradition and, with thousands of untouched acres ready to produce, they believe that the future of Agriculture will be grown in Alaska.

Video and Story by: Matt Faubion

Music By: Matt Faubion

Matt Faubion is a multimedia journalist at Alaska Public Media. Reach him at Read more about Matt here.

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