Here’s when Alaskans can expect to get this year’s PFD

Alaskans file their Permanent Fund dividend applications in downtown Anchorage in March 2016. (Photo by Rachel Waldholz, Alaska Public Media – Anchorage)

Alaskans can expect to start seeing $1,100 Permanent fund dividend payments hit their bank accounts in mid-October, according to the state Department of Revenue.

After the governor approves the PFD amount it takes about 30 days for the state to start pushing the money out, said Genevieve Wojtusik, the department’s legislative liaison.

“The Senate passed the bill on Sept. 14, and the governor signed it on Sept. 15,” said Wojtusik. “We do need about 30 days. We are hopeful for the week of Oct. 11. We don’t have a definitive date at this time, but we’re hopeful for that week.”

That’s for the first round of payments, made to people who applied online to receive their PFDs via direct deposit. 

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The second round is for all others, including those who applied using paper applications. Wojtusik said that round of payments is expected in the last week of October.

Eighty-five percent of eligible Alaskans receive their PFDs by direct deposit, Wojtusik said.

Back and forth over the amount of this year’s dividend put into question whether Alaskans would see a PFD at all this year, and ultimately delayed the rollout. Payments usually go out the first week of October. 

This year the PFD office is estimating 640,000 Alaskans will receive dividend payments.

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