Virtual EVENT: Alaska Public Media + SciFri Virtual Trivia Event – Sep 23

Join us for a special virtual event in partnership with Science Friday: AKPM + SciFri Trivia Night! This online gathering is part science-y facts, part dance party, and part local news romp—and it’s for anyone looking to bring together teams, or bravely play solo, to win ultimate bragging rights (plus some great prizes!).

It’s not all science trivia, but let’s just say it wouldn’t hurt to have a public radio superfan on your team. Science Friday’s Ira Flatow will be hosting this raucous afternoon of knowledge, so come ready with your best science puns!

If you’re already an Alaska Public Media member, all you need to do is register here. If not, you can become a member on our website, and then register. Confirmed members will receive the necessary YouTube link 24 hours before the event via email.

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