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a buffet of food
Volunteers from the Manai Fou Assembly of God Church prepared a variety of food for the community vaccine clinic in Airport Heights on Feb. 23, 2021. (Jeff Chen/Alaska Public Media)

The original food pyramid of the 1990s has gone through multiple iterations, arriving at the healthy eating plate that is taught today. Unfortunately, the unhealthy relationship with food suffered by many Americans has not evolved in the same way. In fact, the incidence of adult obesity in the U.S. is greater than 42% and spans all genders, education levels, economic status, race and ethnicity. What is the key to nutrition and fitness that eludes us? Does one specific diet exist that is guaranteed to lead to health and wellness?

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HOST: Dr. Jillian Woodruff


Audra Henderson, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Audra Wellness & Nutritional Therapy

Audra Wellness & Nutritional Therapy

The Healthy Eating Plate

CDC: Adult Obesity Prevalence Maps


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