Cyberattack forces shutdown of some Alaska health department online services

A screenshot of Alaska’s Department of Health and Social Services on the morning of Wednesday, May 19 shows a warning the site is unavailable after a malware attack. (Alaska Department of Health and Social Services)

The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services’ website suffered a malware attack Monday night, impacting some online services.

Services like vital records, a background check system and a count of available beds at mental health providers were taken down in response to the attack, according to a statement from the department Tuesday evening

Alaskans can still schedule appointments for COVID-19 vaccines. The COVID information dashboard is still up because those services are hosted by outside sources, the department said.

It’s not clear yet whether any personal or confidential information was compromised, said the department.

It’s the second such attack on a state agency identified in the past several weeks.

The state’s court system was targeted at the end of April, forcing it to shut down its website.

The health department says they don’t know if the attacks are related or who was behind it.

They do not know how long their website will be down, but Alaska residents can still get help with services by phone.

Lex Treinen is covering the state Legislature for Alaska Public Media. Reach him at

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