Grant Aviation plane goes off runway in Chevak

A plane in a blizzard leaning on one wing
A Grant Aviation plane was damaged in an incident in Chevak that forced it off the runway as it was attempting to take off. March 12, 2021. (Courtesy of Jessica Ayuluk)

A Grant Aviation plane was damaged near the runway in Chevak. The incident occurred on Friday, March 12 shortly after 5:00 p.m.

“We’re not using the term ‘crash’ just to let you know,” said Grant Aviation Vice President of Operations Dan Knesek. “It is off the side of the runway, and just because it’s off the side, it just tipped a little. It’s tipped onto the one left wing.”

Knesek declined to provide further comment at the time. He said he was in the midst of dealing with the incident’s aftermath.

Chevak Vice Mayor Ulrich Ulroan said that the left wing of the plane is damaged. He said that passengers had already gotten off the plane in Chevak, and the incident occurred as the plane was attempting to take off. He said there were strong crosswinds at the time of takeoff.

Ulroan heard that there were no injuries associated with the incident. It is unclear if there were other passengers in the plane with the pilot at the time the incident occurred.

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