LISTEN: Ahead of distribution, what should Alaskans know about Covid vaccines?

A white woman with a striped tank top gets a bandaid put on her should
A healthcare worker administering the 2020 flu vaccine to a patient. (Lauren Bishop/CDC)

Thousands of Alaskans will soon receive a COVID-19 vaccine. The virus has upended our lives, and vaccines are the first step toward returning to normal. But there are plenty of challenges ahead, and that includes convincing Alaskans to get vaccinated.

We speak with medical experts about what Alaskans should know about COVID-19 vaccines.

HOST: Annie Feidt


  • Dr. Anne Zink, Chief Medical Officer for the State of Alaska
  • Dr. Robert Onders, Medical Director of Community and Health Systems Improvement, ANTHC
  • Tessa Walker Linderman, Nurse Consultant with Alaska’s Department of Health and Social Services


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