Alaska News Nightly: Tuesday, October 27, 2020

As seen from the air, a giant glacier in a fjord
The terminus of Lituya Glacier on September 17, 2020, after the delta (foreground gravels) was completely resurfaced by the Aug. 15 outburst flood. The source of the flood, “Desolation Lake,” is just visible under the aircraft’s red pitot tube, while the main body of Lituya Glacier emerges from the mountains to the right. (Photo courtesy of J. Capra/NPS)

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Tuesday on Alaska News Nightly:

Between early voting and absentee ballots – what will election night in Alaska look like this year? And, state health officials warn of an overwhelmed healthcare system if coronavirus cases continue to surge. Plus, scientists think there was a massive glacial dam release recently in Southeast Alaska.

Reports tonight from:

  • Nat Herz and Tegan Hanlon in Anchorage
  • Anna Rose MacArthur in Bethel
  • Erin McKinstry in Sitka
  • Jacob Resneck, Rashah McChesney and Matt Miller in Juneau
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