‘Pebble Tapes’ prompt Sullivan to raise volume on his opposition to the mine

Senator Dan Sullivan speaking to the media
Sen. Dan Sullivan in Anchorage last month. (Jeff Chen/Alaska Public Media)

U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan is speaking up to oppose the Pebble Mine. 

“Let me be even more clear: I oppose Pebble Mine. No Pebble Mine,” he wrote on Twitter Thursday night.

Sullivan came out against the mine last month, too. He said then he agreed with an agency decision that a permit could not be issued. But that statement was nearly buried among paragraphs stressing his support for resource extraction.

The new tweet is more declarative. It comes after Pebble executives were caught on tape saying Sullivan was helping them by staying in a corner and keeping quiet.

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“Given the lies of Pebble’s leadership, the record needs to be set straight,” Sullivan tweeted.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski reposted Sullivan’s tweet last night. She added three heart emojis and a video of salmon leaping upstream.

Anti-Pebble activists said it was a start. Lindsey Bloom of Salmon State said senators convey their position with legislative action, not tweets. 

Liz Ruskin is the Washington, D.C., correspondent at Alaska Public Media. Reach her atlruskin@alaskapublic.org. Read more about Lizhere.

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