Listeners question Anchorage police. Take a listen.

Police Chief Justin Doll, center, speaking about the Anchorage Police Department’s new crime suppression strategy at APD headquarters next to Capt. Ken McCoy, left, and Lt. Kevin Vandegriff, right. This image was taken in 2017, and officer McCoy is now Deputy Chief of Operations for APD. (Alaska Public Media)

On June 15—in light of the killing of George Floyd beneath the knee of a Minneapolis police officer on May 25, plus intense local, national and global reactions to the event—Hometown Alaska invited a citizen advocate, the president of the police union, and the APD to discuss community policing and excessive police force.

The APD was unable to attend on June 15, but promised to come on a future date. They will join us on July 20.

As always, listeners questions and comments are welcome throughout the program. Planned topics to be covered during the program include school resource officers, the internal review process within APD regarding officer behavior, citizen input to community policing, the challenge of serving a diverse population—including a white population that may regard police as helpful, and a community of color that may regard police as a threat.

HOST: Kathleen McCoy


  • APD Chief Justin Doll
  • APD Deputy Chief Ken McCoy



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