State of Art: Anchorage musician James Glaves releases solo material

Anchorage musician James Glaves. (Photo courtesy of James Glaves)

This week on State of Art we’re hearing from Anchorage musician James Glaves. He’s been involved with a huge amount of projects from playing in bands to recording and producing them. As a teen, Glaves was on the receiving end of early internet trolling, so he abandoned releasing his own material and had been taking more of a backseat approach with his musical contributions. After playing in Anchorage’s Medium Build, Glaves started to open up emotionally as a songwriter and found himself in the right head space to go solo again.

He tells us about his new material, loving all musical genres and “401k Rock.” We also check out the new singles “Everybody Wonders Why I Act So Crazy” and “Alone in the Night.”

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