Foragers share their passion for finding wild foods

Spruce tips photographed on a foraging walk through Jeanne Osnas’s lower Hillside neighborhood. (Photo by Kathleen McCoy)

In this time of COVID-19, I am spending a lot of time outdoors. We are surely blessed with one of the greatest systems of hiking and walking trails, and they’ve become my daily go-to. This is where the idea for a Hometown Alaska program on foraging came from, and also from spotting a gardener and plant enthusiast’s Facebook image of spruce tips she had gathered. They are beautiful.

I asked Elizabeth if she knew local people who’d be willing to talk about foraging for wild plants. She gave me two names, and those two gave me more sources and more names. So today, we welcome you to a visit with enthusiasts and practitioners of wild harvesting.

The goal of today’s show is introductory. Some of our guests have foraged their entire life, some are new to it. We have a botanist, an artist, a doctor, and a longtime student and blogger about wild foods. Three are Alaska Native, one is from Sitka and three are from Southcentral. We welcome them all.

And we welcome your comments and questions throughout the program. In addition, we’ve assembled a resource list for listeners who want to dig in. Thank you to our guests for help compiling this list. All four have social media presence or blogs where they share their learning, recipes and more.

HOST: Kathleen McCoy


  • Dr. Jeanne Osnas, botanist and plant ecologist, co-author of the blog “A Botanist in the Kitchen”
  • Karen Denise McIntyre, artist and lifelong forager, sharing her fish skin harvesting and creations on her Facebook page, Creative Native
  • Mary and Lucas Goddard, foragers and co-authors of Forest Fresh, a forest-to-table cooking blog, writing in Sitka
  • Dr. Allison Kelliher, medical doctor and experienced as an Alaska Native healer



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