Alaska marijuana shops can now apply to provide curbside pickup

(Creative Commons photo by Brett Levin)
(Creative Commons photo by Brett Levin)

Emergency regulations allowing for curbside pickup of marijuana in Alaska are now in effect.

Alaska’s Marijuana Control Board passed the regulations Friday. Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer’s office signed off on them later that evening.

The regulations ease restrictions on marijuana stores as owners navigate business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rule changes allow customers to place orders over the phone or online for curbside or exterior window pickup.

Business owners who want to provide curbside pickup are required to apply to the state and submit operation plans.

Another set of emergency regulations allow marijuana to be transported by commercial plane or boat, if business owners abide by certain transportation rules about who can handle the marijuana products.

Both sets of regulations will last for 120 days, unless the board reconvenes to remove them sooner.

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