Easter egg hunts during hunker down? Unalaska finds a way

Unalaska’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Culture staff handing out pre-filled Easter eggs in lieu of the Easter egg hunt to children up to age 10 in the parking lot of PCR. (Hope McKenney/KUCB)

While much of the city is shut down due to coronavirus concerns, the staff at Unalaska’s Department of Parks, Culture, and Recreation is getting creative with events and finding unique ways to bring Easter spirit to the community.

On Thursday, the department handed out pre-filled Easter eggs to children under the age of 10, in lieu of an Easter egg hunt.

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The department’s Aquatics Coordinator, Delanney McConnell, was one of four employees who stood outside, wearing gloves and a mask, as she passed out eggs to families who remained in their cars.

McConnell said the Community Center puts on an Easter egg hunt for children in the community every year.

“But since we aren’t able to do that this year, we wanted to pick up the cheer a little bit and give kids the opportunity to still have Easter fun,” said McConnell. “And so we are providing enough (eggs) for them to have that Easter spirit. Kids under 10 years old can come pick up today, and we wish everyone a happy Easter.”

McConnell said staff sanitized the eggs to keep them safe for children. But she still recommended families sanitize them again to be extra careful.

As for Easter Sunday, she said, Unalaskans should remain at home as much as possible, but stay in contact with others through phone calls or FaceTime.

“Stay connected, make phone calls, stay six feet apart, but make an effort to make that day feel good,” said McConnell.

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