LISTEN: A poem about resilience and the Alaskan way of life, author Don Rearden reads ‘Without A Paddle’

Alaska author Don Rearden (Credit: Joe Yelverton)

It hardly needs to be said that this is an extremely frightening, confusing and anxiety-ridden time, for everyone.

Read the latest coverage of the coronavirus in Alaska.

As tireless coverage of the crisis before us continues, Alaska author Don Rearden provides a brief reprieve reading a piece of poetry.

It wasn’t written to reflect the current uncertainty about our collective future, but Rearden’s “Without A Paddle,” still offers a hopeful metaphor about the resilience, spirit of cooperation and determination to survive, so well reflected in the Alaskan way of life.

Close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and just listen.


Don Rearden is the author of the books “The Raven’s Gift,” “Never Quit” and “Warrior’s Creed.” You can find his work online at

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