Alaska News Nightly: Friday, March 20, 2020

Antonia Soto (left) and Mandie Stoll both received exceptions to stay in their on-campus dorms at the University of Alaska Anchorage this semester. Soto said there’s not enough space in her family’s house for her to move home. Stoll’s family lives in Hawaii. (Tegan Hanlon/Alaska Public Media.)

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Friday on Alaska News Nightly:

Governor Dunleavy calls for a supplemental Permanent Fund Dividend in April. Plus: University of Alaska Anchorage students pack up their dorms and move off campus. And, how to protect your mental health in a time of uncertainty.

Reports tonight from:

  • Eric Stone in Ketchikan
  • Nat Herz, Zachariah Hughes, and Tegan Hanlon in Anchorage
  • Dan Bross in Fairbanks
  • Robert Woolsey in Sitka
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