Rasmuson Foundation Individual Artist Awards: Pulling back the curtain on the application process

Logo for the Rasmuson Foundation Individual Artist Awards

For more than a decade and a half, the Rasmuson Foundation has stood with Alaskan artists. Their Individual Artist Awards (IAA) nourish the artist because the foundation believes artists nourish the state. Since 2004 through 2019, the foundation has granted 516 individual artist award grants, to the tune of $4.76 million, according to their website. Those awards have been spread through 50 communities around Alaska.

Applications are due in just a week, on March 2. Yet experienced program officers know that the bulk of the artists’ applications are still outstanding, even this close to the deadline. What better time than now to get some hot tips on successful applications, and a clear understanding of how the selection process works.

To that end, two program officers for the Individual Artists Awards will join us on Hometown Alaska, along with a successful applicant, to talk about what works. This includes information on how the application process progresses, who reviews and decides on the awards, and lots of tips from artists who’ve succeeded, even if not on the first try.

As always, your calls, questions and comments are welcome throughout the program. And we direct you to the LINKS list on this page for a direct route to many helpful video and story summaries of the process successful applicants followed.

HOST: Kathleen McCoy


  • Sharity Sommer, program officer, IAA, Rasmuson Foundation
  • Enzina Marrari, program officer, IAA, Rasmuson Foundation
  • Keren Lowell, artist and successful IAA applicant in 2016



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