LISTEN: There’s $3.2B dollars at stake in the 2020 Census

Hishinlai’ Peter, left, Amaya Shaw and Mary Fields work on translating census education materials into Gwich’in on Thursday, December 12, 2019, at the Alaska Native Heritage Center. (Tripp J Crouse/KNBA)

The U.S Census happens just once a decade and it kicks off in Tooksok Bay, Alaska in mid-January. Getting an accurate count of all Alaskans is critically important for billions of dollars in federal funding and drawing political jurisdiction lines. Alaskans are already working behind the scenes to make sure every person who lives in the state is counted. We’ll discuss that effort on the next Talk of Alaska. 

HOST: Annie Feidt

  • Gabriel Layman, Chair, Alaska Census Working Group / Co-Chair, Anchorage Complete Count Commission
  • Donna Bach, Tribal Partnership Specialist, U.S. Census Bureau



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