State of Art: Sheila Wyne and James Temte

James Temte and Michael Conti collaborated on this mural in Spenard. (Photo from James Temte Facebook)

This week on State of Art we’re hearing from local artists Sheila Wyne and James Temte. Wyne joined several other artists, including Temte, on Hometown, Alaska to discuss public art. Hometown, Alaska host Kathleen McCoy asks Wyne about the pieces Networks and Ingenerare which are on display at UAA’s new engineering building.

Temte joins us this week for a new segment called “State of the Artist,” where we profile local creatives. Temte is an abstract artist with a love for the outdoors and has been on an artistic journey to discover his Native American heritage. You might be familiar with his recent mural Eyes on Spenard.

Broadcast: December 6th, 2019 at 2:45 p.m.

Networks, Sheila Wyne
Close view of Networks by Sheila Wyne. (Photo by Michael Conti, courtesy Sheila Wyne)
Networks, Sheila Wyne
Sheila Wyne’s Networks hangs on the ground floor of the Engineering and Industry Building at UAA. In it she sees the organic growth of the World Wide Web, “a system we typically think of as inorganic.” Observers during installation saw visual links to electrical engineering; some sensed a city grid as seen from 30,000 feet.” She also saw something organic, the growth of a mycorrhizal network, the underground world of mushrooms, or as Sheila saw it, “the Wood Wide Web.” (Photo by Michael Conti, courtesy of Sheila Wyne)
Ingenerare, Sheila Wyne
Ingenerare, by Sheila Wyne, in the Engineering and Industry Building at UAA. Refabricated street signage forms a woven base layer. “It is a visual reference that whenever we see a street sign, it is a marker, that at some point an engineer was involved in the process. (Photo by Michael Conti, courtesy Sheila Wyne)
Placement of Ingenerare in the airy atrium of the engineering building at UAA. (Photo by Michael Conti, courtesy of Sheila Wyne)
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