In Memoriam: Conversation with ‘ENCOUNTERS’ host Richard Nelson

Note to listeners: Richard Nelson has died. To remember him, we recall his visit to Hometown Alaska as a guest in 2011. Today we re-air this program in appreciation for his long and distinguished service on behalf of  nature, wild places, traditional knowledge, living creatures, the beauty of Alaska, and our collective humanity. He somehow managed to call us all to a higher place. Open the archived podcast here. Because this is a rebroadcast, we will not be accepting phone calls or responding to emails during the program.


Promo image from the July 8, 2019 program.

Also of note, Richard received the Distinguished Artist Award from the Rasmuson Foundation in 2019. He again visited Hometown Alaska, along with fellow Rasmuson recipients Heather Warren and Peter Lind Jr. Humility and kindness are reflected in their conversation about creativity and the challenge of doing good work. Listen to that conversation from July 8, 2019.


How does he even get those amazing natural wildlife sounds, as if he were standing right next to that grunting grizzly bear! As the host of Encounters, Richard Nelson is our guide to the fascinating sights,sounds and behaviors of Alaska’s resilient animals. He has recorded the cultural traditions and intellectual achievements of Inupiaq Eskimo and Athabaskan Indian people. For an opportunity to talk with Alaska anthropologist and naturalist Richard Nelson, join host Kathleen McCoy on a special edition of Hometown, Alaska Monday at 2:00 pm.


HOST: Kathleen McCoy

GUEST: Richard Nelson, host, Encounters, KCAW – Sitka

Re-airing of archived broadcast: Monday, November 11, 2011. 2:00 – 3:00 pm (Alaska time) Because this conversation is a rebroadcast, the show will not take phone calls or emails.

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