AFN Convention: “Alaska is not a broke state” and protesters have a place

How did AFN leaders arrive at this theme for their 2019 convention, and what does it mean to them? Image from Alaska Federation of Natives website.



At 12:30 in the podcast, AFN leaders assert that “Alaska is not a broke state.”

At 18:30, AFN leaders respond to a singing and drumming protest to Governor Michael Dunleavy’s address. In a culture of respectful if difficult dialogue, where does protest fit in?

At 33:30 in the podcast, hear discussion on the resolution from the Youth and Elders Conference to declare a climate change state of emergency in Alaska.


The 53rd annual Alaska Federation of Natives convention in Fairbanks in mid-October was packed with political and policy issues. In this edition of Hometown Alaska, we invite two AFN leaders to reflect on the many significant panels and information sessions that identified key areas of concern and AFN’s commitment to solving problems.

If you missed the convention, or only caught it sporadically, the AFN website has videocasts by day of the convention. Their convention guidebook can steer you to approximate times for panels and speeches that included powerful content.

Highlights include the keynote address by 2019 Iditarod champion Pete Kaiser, panels on public safety in rural Alaska, safety for women and children, a criminal justice system in crisis, the effects of the census and redistricting, economic outlook for the state, Alaska constitutional responsibilities for public health and public education, a speech by Governor Michael Dunleavy, and a speech by the Alaska Supreme Court Chief Justice Joel Bolger, among others.

The convention produced more than 60 resolutions. While AFN staff are still absorbing all the resolutions, AFN leaders can talk about how resolutions shape actions going forward.

As always, your comments and questions are welcome throughout the program. Join us!

HOST: Kathleen McCoy


  • Will Mayo, AFN Co-chair
  • Nicole Borromeo, AFN Executive Vice President and General Counsel


  • AFN website
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  • Webpage to find video podcasts of each day, 2019 AFN Convention
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