House for Sale: Alaska real estate snapshot

House-for-sale signs pop up like wildflowers all over Anchorage. How is our housing market doing? (Photo by Kathleen McCoy)

The “For Sale” signs are popping up on street corners everywhere. Summer is often a good time to sell a house, since the grass is green and the flowers are blooming. That’s good curb appeal.

Yet news accounts of the home market suggest that the Nov. 30 earthquake has slowed sales. Buyers are wary of purchasing a damaged home, and homeowners with damage are figuring out how to fix, or if they can fix, their homes.

The state’s large and growing number of Baby Boomers may mean couples want to downsize to smaller homes, putting their larger homes on the market. Yet, the affordable housing crisis in this state, as around the country, can keep interested buyers from being able to qualify.

The housing marketplace is certainly a moving target. The state’s current fiscal debate undoubtedly can affect decisions to stay and invest in the state, or get out fast.

On today’s Hometown Alaska, we’ve invited three keen observers of the housing market to sit with us and discuss what they see and know about what’s going on in the marketplace. As always, your questions and comments are welcome throughout the program.

HOST: Kathleen McCoy


  • Neal Fried, economist for the State ofAlaska
  • Terry Fields, assistant professor, UAA School of Business, director Weidner program
  • Jan Miyagishima, director of mortgage operations, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation



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