Meet three Rasmuson Individual Artist Award recipients

Heather Warren image from their website; Richard Nelson image by Liz McKenzie, Encounters website; Peter Lind Jr. image from his website.

Just about a month ago, the Rasmuson Foundation named its 2019 individual artist award recipients, 36 in total. Even a one-hour show is NOT enough time to present them all. So we did what we had to: selected one artist from each category.

Of course there was only one Distinguished Artist, Richard Nelson of Encounters fame. He’ll join us from Sitka. Alutiq artist Peter Lind Jr. was one of 10 to receive a Fellowship, and he’ll be in the Anchorage studio. And poet and beat-box percussionist Heather A. Warren received a Project Award. Heather will join us from Fairbanks via the KUAC studios.

Artists play a special role in society. I think of them as shining their intuitive flashlights out ahead of the rest of us, allowing us to see, puzzle and ponder over what is coming next in our world.

Artists also teach. Those coming behind them listen intently to their process, their goals, their stumbling blocks, and their accumulated wisdom on creativity.

Plus, we will hear about their body of work, and what they intend to do with their Rasmuson award.

Join us!

HOST: Kathleen McCoy


  • Enzina Marrari, Rasmuson Foundation (Anchorage studio)
  • Peter Lind Jr., Rasmuson Fellowship award recipient (Anchorage studio)
  • Richard Nelson, Rasmuson Distinguished Artist award recipient (Sitka)
  • Heather A. Warren, Rasmuson Project Award recipient (Fairbanks KUAC studio)


  • Rasmuson Foundation May 17, 2019 press release, naming 36 award recipients
  • Poet, musician, performer Heather A. Warren’s website
  • Link to digital album ‘Mother Carries’ by Harm; poems/lyrics written by Heather A. Warren, and beat-box percussion
  • Peter Lind Jr.’s website, ‘Bits of Alaska’-Elegant Handcrafted Alaskan Art
  • KCAW radio’s Robert Woolsey reporting on Richard Nelson Rasmuson award, website
  • Encounters website, home of Richard Nelson and collaborators’ natural history reportage.
  • John Straley, writing about Richard Nelson, John Straley blog, May 18, 2014.


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