Hey hikers, bikers, skiers: Here’s something you need to know

Trap safety brochure available online and at AK Fish & Game
This brochure is available in paper and online to download as a PDF. Find it online at https://www.adfg.alaska.gov/index.cfm?adfg=trapping.sharing

Back in early February, I saw an announcement for the Alaskan Wild Women Hiking & Backpacking Group on Meetup.com. They weren’t going out on one of their usual hikes. They were holding a free gathering called “Trap Safety for Pets. Learn about traps and how to remove a pet.”

The gathering was held in Wasilla and included about a dozen women who like to hike around the valley and elsewhere, often with dogs in tow. A volunteer with the Palmer Alaska Fish & Game Office, Michelle Roundtree, took her own time on a Saturday to share what she knew. It included details on the six Mat-Su Borough recreation areas that prohibit trapping on borough land (but not nearby adjacent state land). She also had pocket-sized handouts of Alaska Trapping Regulations that included trapping season dates, and a slick brochure (pictured above, link below) that offered pet owners tips on how to remove an animal caught in a trap. She had also borrowed samples of different types of traps and snares, and demonstrated how to release them and let us practice.

I love to go hiking with my dog. All I could think of was how much I didn’t know.

Where is trapping legal–in the Anchorage Bowl, and in the Mat-Su Borough? What are the trapping seasons? What are ways you might recognize traps while out on a hike, bike, snowshoe or ski trip? What resources are available for you to educate yourself?

The goal of today’s show is to share this information so you better understand your exposure to traps in Alaska. Regardless of your view of trapping, it is legal in Alaska and recent efforts to constrain the activity near populated areas have failed. Unless or until laws change, this information could be very important to you. Your questions and comments are welcome throughout the program.

HOSTKathleen McCoy


  • Seth Kollman, Alaska State Wildlife Trooper
  • Kathy Meyer, hiker, hosted Alaskan Wild Women Hiking & Backpacking Group trap information session
  • Richard Person, trapper, member Alaska Trappers Association




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