Anchorage elementary student brings loaded handgun to school, police say

Anchorage Police say a student at an Anchorage elementary school brought a loaded handgun onto school property Thursday morning.

The weapon was found at Rogers Park Elementary School at around 9 a.m. just about when school would be starting. Kendra Doshieris a spokeswoman for the Anchorage Police Department.

“School resource officers responded to Rogers Park Elementary in regard to the handgun found in a student’s backpack,” Doshier said. “It was found by a school official, and we were alerted immediately.”

A release from the Anchorage School District says that the handgun was loaded with a full magazine, but no round was in the chamber.

Doshier says an investigation is ongoing, and APD is working with the school and the district, but she wouldn’t say what grade the student was in or whether or not charges have been filed due to this being a juvenile case. School district officials say that QUOTE “appropriate disciplinary action” has taken place.

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