Where’d the website for Walker’s climate change team go?

As of Dec. 3, this is the message you’ll see in a Google Chrome browser if you try to visit climatechange.gov.alaska.gov. (Screenshot by Ryan Cunningham / KTOO)

As Gov. Mike Dunleavy was sworn into office Monday, the transition of power was also taking place online.

The Alaska Office of Information Technology is going through the process of updating the state website and editing pages with the former governor’s name.

That means websites you could access last week may not be available now. For example, the page with the state’s new climate change policy is offline.

Jeff Turner, Dunleavy’s deputy communication director, said he doesn’t know if the site will be restored. The administration is still discussing if the page will go back up.

Gov. Bill Walker appointed a climate change task force in December of last year to draft the policy, which they completed in August and formally submitted in September. But team members said that wasn’t the end of the process. Now, the state must figure out how to implement the strategies in the document.

During his campaign, Dunleavy told KTOO that the state has more important issues to deal with than those involving the climate task force.

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