Medicaid, Kids, and Mental Health Services- Something Is Wrong

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Thousands of Alaskan Kids qualify for Medicaid which provides the much needed benefit of covering mental health services for a very vulnerable population in our community. Drug abuse, domestic violence, and poverty rates are all very high in Alaska and impact many young people who are supported by Medicaid. A problem arises, however, when Medicaid recipients try to access mental health services. What they find is that most private clinics and small groups of qualified providers cannot charge Medicaid for their services and the places who do accept Medicaid have a 9-12 month wait list for therapy services. Why is this? Is it fair? Is it Legal? What would happen if all the children who needed services received them and how much would it cost? Join Line One Co-host Prentiss Pemberton and his guests for a discussion about Medicaid, mental health, and Alaskan Kids.

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