“Divided We Fall?”- The state of America’s social and cultural wellness

“Divorce” from Flickr user Marc Hatot.

Much like a high conflict divorce tears families apart and forces children to choose sides, the political discourse of the last three years has created a widening social rift that is increasingly tense and volatile. As this partisan fighting has escalated among our leaders, it has quickly turned to an “us against them” battle for power and
control. The attacks against the press, name calling, mocking behavior, threats of jail time, and baseless statements meant to incite anger and fear have become an “accepted norm” at the highest levels of government.
● Is this toxic political environment being mirrored in our citizens?
● Is this just politics as usual or is there something different and perhaps dangerous about this time in our history?
● Is this something that threatens the health and wellness of our nation as a whole?
● What can we do as individuals and communities to protect the principles and values of our country and to counter the impacts of this environment on us as individuals and as communities? Please Join Line One Co-Host, Prentiss Pemberton, and Professor Dr.
David LivingStone Smith, for a thoughtful discussion about the social/emotional health of our nation and for a look at what we can learn from our history and the history of others.

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