Enjoying the fall season

Some Alaskans think fall is an in-between season when we’re waiting for winter and the skiing, skating and snowmachine riding that is coming. But that’s a mistake. Fall lasts a long time around here these days– we can easily get three full months of it. On the next Outdoor Explorer, we’re talking about the joys of autumn, when the tourists are gone and many good days remain, if you know how to dress for them.

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HOST: Charles Wohlforth


  • Segment 1: “Fall in the backcountry”. Paul Twardock, Professor of Outdoor Studies at APU.
  • Segment 2: “Packing a bear cannister”. Sarah Ebright, Lead Guide, St. Elias Alpine Guides.
  • Segment 3: “Yearly trip Community Caribou Hunting By Bicycle”. Matthew (Birch) Block, at a Trail Tales event.
  • Segment 4: “Boating safety classes”. Doris Thomas, Public Affairs Officer, Alaska Coast Guard Auxiliary.
  • Segment 5: “Freedom from failure”. Cody Gauer, at a Trail Tales event.


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