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Incumbent Independent Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Walker | Alaska Insight

Bill Walker joins Lori Townsend on Alaska Insight to describe what he will do if he is elected to a second term. Learn more about his background, growing up poor, and what he plans to do to address a rise in crime and sexual assault in Alaska.

Outrage as Anchorage man charged in violent attack receives no jail time

The state Department of Law is defending its plea deal with an Anchorage man - originally charged with kidnapping and assaulting a woman to whom he offered a ride. He was let off this week on time served, with some suspended. And that has angered some, including a group organizing to campaign against retaining the judge in the case. Listen now

Alaska News Nightly: Friday, Sept. 21, 2018

Man receives no jail time after being charged with felony assault, prompting outrage; Vandal prevents landing of medical flight at Alaska airport; State revises PFAS action level; Two men charged as feds crack case of missing Anchorage mammoth tusk; K300 Race Committee increases prize money in three races; Proxy hunters help harvest moose for those who can’t; AK: In rural communities, Village Police Officers face impossible job; 49 Voices: Riley Woodford of Juneau Listen now

Two men charged as feds crack case of missing Anchorage mammoth tusk

Prosecutors are charging two men with stealing a 10,000-year-old mammoth tusk from the federal Bureau of Land Management in Anchorage. The indictment appears to be a break in a case that had gone unsolved since the tusk went missing six months ago. Listen now

Proxy hunters help harvest moose for those who can’t

Alaska Department of Fish & Game sometimes allows people to hunt on behalf of those who may not be physically capable. Listen now

Ballot Measure One

Ballot measure one is a hotly contested initiative that has divided Alaskans over what may sound like a simple request-stand for salmon. But it's a complex question that's pitting environmental groups against mining and oil companies. So what does a yes or no vote mean? Both sides claim that if they lose, the results could be disastrous, but what's really at stake? Listen now

Bethel’s ‘Yes for Local Option’ campaign begins to mobilize

In less than two weeks, Bethel residents will head to the polls to vote on representatives for Bethel City Council. They’ll also vote on a proposition asking residents whether Bethel should return to local option status. Listen now
Alaska State Troopers. Photo: Monica Gokey/ Alaska Public Media file photo.

Officials suspend search for Kake resident who likely fell from pier

The Coast Guard and Alaska State Troopers Thursday night called off the search for a Kake resident who is believed to have fallen off the town pier and drowned.

Enjoying the fall season

Some Alaskans think fall is an in-between season when we’re waiting for winter and the skiing, skating and snowmachine riding that is coming. But that’s a mistake. Fall lasts a long time around here these days-- we can easily get three full months of it. On the next Outdoor Explorer, we’re talking about the joys of autumn, when the tourists are gone and many good days remain, if you know how to dress for them. Thanks for listening!

49 Voices: Riley Woodford of Juneau

This week we're hearing from Riley Woodford in Juneau. Woodford is a biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Listen now

AK: In rural communities, Village Police Officers face impossible job

In the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta’s villages, local law enforcement’s job can seem impossible. Alaska’s Village Police Officers are expected to arrest their own friends and family without adequate support, and for very little pay. Listen now

Parenting tips, strategies and resources

Parenting in today’s complex landscape can prove a daunting task. As our kids age, and as they gain their freedom and independence, we as parents lose control and influence. How do we as parents maintain connection with our kids while setting clear limits and guidelines? On the next Line One:Your health conniction, Prentiss Pemberton and his guest will discuss the challenges parents face and give helpful tips and resources for how to best help your child if you are concerned about their physical, emotional, or mental health. Thanks for listening!

This solar farm is built on oil industry money and some recycled drilling pipe

Alaska's first commercial-scale solar farm is about to come online. Its builders say they want to move the world toward cleaner energy sources. But they're not ready to renounce oil and gas just yet. Listen now

Campaign complaint filed against salmon ballot backers

Stand for Alaska claims Stand for Salmon, Yes for Salmon and the Alaska Center are improperly reporting how they are coordinating the campaign, underplaying the Alaska Center's role. Stand for Alaska also alleges they aren't properly disclosing campaign contribution sources. Stand for Alaska denies the allegations. Listen now