Rockwell Kent centennial

Resurrection Bay, Alaska. By Rockwell Kent

Rockwell Kent was one of the most important artists to picture Alaska. And the legendary winter he spent with his son on Fox Island, in Resurrection Bay, happened 100 years ago. On the next Outdoor Explorer we’re joined by an expert on those events, and on Kent’s colorful life in general, to learn about landmarks in fine art and writing about nature that were created right here. We’ll also hear a few of Dick Griffith’s adventures followed by some conflict in the Tongass.

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HOST: Charles Wohlforth


  • Segment 1: “Centennial of painter Rockwell Kent’s visit to Fox Island”. Doug Capra, author and Kent historian.
  • Segment 2: “Recap of his life and a bear experience. Dick Griffith at a Trail Tales event.
  • Segment 3: “Tour guides, bear hunters seek solutions after tourists witness a hunt in the Tongass”. Elizabeth Jenkins, Alaska’s Energy Desk.


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