Meet Jessica Delgado, from Arizona

This week we meet Jessica Delgado, 27, who is originally from Arizona.

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Originally created by Vik Patel, “New Arrivals” is Alaska Public Media’s look at the diverse people who move to Anchorage. Every other Tuesday, we meet a New Arrival from another country, another state, or another part of Alaska. The stories air at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesdays during Morning Edition here on KSKA, Alaska Public Media.


Co-Host and Producer 

Sarah Wilcox is a 4th generation Alaskan who grew up in Valdez, left the state for college and, like so many others, was drawn back by the mysterious pull of Alaska. She joined the New Arrivals team because she is fascinated by the stories of what brings such a variety of people to Anchorage, and she hopes to help capture and share this unique time in history. Sarah spends her days listening to stories in a different context as a medical social worker, and loves to play outside.

Co-Host and Producer 

Amanda Dale loves welcoming people, whether they’re arriving to Anchorage, to dinner, or to her line in the supermarket. Her day job is with the Alaska Humanities Forum, working with programs that help Alaskans understand each other better, and feel more connected to this great state.


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