Cell phone free middle schools in Anchorage? Why not?

A still image from the film SCREENAGERS

The fact that the majority of the tech industry CEO’s and developers send their children to technology free schools should cause us all pause. New research into the impacts of technology on the developing brain tell us that more than 1-2 hours per day is detrimental to our children’s social and emotional growth and overall health. Just about every research project that looks at kids having cell phones in middle school finds that they create conflict in class, encourage a culture of disconnect for students, impair concentration and learning, and contribute to bullying and social problems. With all this data mounting it seems like common sense to limit cell phone use in middle schools, yet a more liberal approach is often chosen. On the next Line One, Prentiss Pemberton hosts a conversation about the pros and cons of allowing cellphones in middle schools with one of the producers of the film ​Screenagers​, Lisa Tabb. They will also take a look at the ​Away For the Day​ Initiative that promotes cell phone free learning environments, and will discuss the results experienced by schools that have already taken this step for their students.

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HOST: Prentiss Pemberton, LCSW


  • Lisa Tabb, co-producer of the film Screenagers.



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