What happened to Kenai salmon?

To identify a king salmon, check for black gums. (Berett Wilber)

As the summer winds down, Outdoor Explorer looks at one of the worst years of salmon fishing in memory in southcentral Alaska. The Susitna drainage was expected to be bad and was worse. Kenai king fishing continued a bad trend of 10 years. And Cook Inlet sockeye numbers were the worst in many decades. We’ll review what happened, why it happened, and talk about the impacts on anglers and communities. We’ll also get into predictions of the future and what we need to know to go from here. The ocean survival of salmon is a big area of questions that has left us much in the dark.

We’ll also have a piece from Kodiak about similar problems, related to ocean temperatures, with the crash of cod fisheries.

And lastly, we’re joined by Ricky Gease of the Kenai River Sportfishing Association. Ricky actually thinks fish and game should have shut down more streams and shut them down soon, as his group hopes to someday rebuild salmon fisheries that have been struggling for a long time.

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