Denali climbing season ends, with zero fatalities

Denali, photo courtesy of the National Park Service
Denali, photo by the National Park Service

According to the National Park Service, there are no more mountaineering or ranger teams on North America’s tallest peak.

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Out of just over 1,100 climbers, 45 percent reached the summit of Denali this season. The summit rate could see some adjustment as National Park Service staff verifies the counts. While that number is slightly below average, one statistic thankfully stayed at zero this year.

According to Denali National Park spokeswoman Maureen Gualtieri, there have been no fatalities in the Alaska Range this year. She says this is the first time in fifteen years that there has not been either a medical or climbing related death in the range.

While the season is done on Denali, climbing in the Alaska Range will continue in various forms. The annual climbing summary includes statistics on search and rescue operations and a medical summary as well as sections on new climbing routes and interesting climbs. The 2018 report will be completed and released in the coming months.

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