2018 Mayoral Candidate Dustin Darden

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Alaska Public Media invited all of the 2018 Anchorage mayoral candidates to participate in an in-studio interview as well as a written questionnaire. Each candidate was offered the exact same questions. Candidate Dustin Darden’s questionnaire submission is below.

What is the biggest challenge confronting Anchorage?

Chilling out

What is your specific policy solution to that problem?

Don’t get caught up in the hype

How will you vote on Ballot Measure One, and why?

With a Ink pen the real question is will a #2 pencil work.
“When your in the woods there are no bathrooms only trees”
The wind

Do you think the proposed sale of Municipal Light and Power to Chugach Electric is a good thing for the city? Why or why not?


Electricity tends to make a lot of noise I like peace and quiet.

How should Anchorage improve its local economy?

Just live a simple life

Are you satisfied with how the state-licensed cannabis businesses in Anchorage are regulated?

I don’t mess with the stuff (anymore used to got in trouble with the law in my youth it affected my future employment capability) Always do the right thing and you will go far in life.

What proposals do you have for addressing homelessness in Anchorage?

Maybe we could start some off the grid towns I mean we have the land. Richard Pernicky lived off the grid for 35 years he made a cabin with hand tools. It sounds kind of different probably but it worked for thousands of years before other people came to Alaska. Would it be possible to merge the Athabaskan traditional way of historical living with what we have today with our vast amounts of available land ? If we do decide to make new community’s with new charters and codes it would be nice to not build it as a homeless town it should be a place anyone would want to live in with order and simplicity. Anchorage needs serious healing our land is injured. Fresh ideas from people not interested in money as a means to a end could help greatly. Has anyone thought of starting some new towns ? So much wisdom can be gained from asking questions and listening for the answers.

How would you like to see the Anchorage Police Department deploy its limited resources to most effectively handle crime?

The Bible says something like ” to those that fear authority do what is good and they will honor you ” Iv grown a great respect for APD over the years. It’s 9:46 pm 3/13/18 right now I hear sirens running code in my naiborhood as I’m writing this response. Pray folks

What do you think is the best thing about living in Anchorage?

I have lived here since I was formed in my mothers womb 34 years ago it really is awesome thing to be alive and a great opportunity to walk the green earth this time of year is when simply basking in the warm incoming spring air for a moment is the best. I think sometimes when my body gives out and I go to be with the Lord in glory if I am going to regret not doing the things I could have done to help. I’m thankful for Jesus Christ 2018 years ago marking time and for doing all the heavy lifting by taking all the sins of the world on His shoulders. He made it so simple to live.

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Originally from the Central Coast of California, Valerie joined Alaska Public Media in July 2017. She creates original video content for the station's TV and digital platforms while also overseeing the Production Department. Before moving to Alaska, Valerie worked as an ENG Editor at WRAL-TV in Raleigh, North Carolina. She also served in the U.S. Air Force as a TV and Radio Broadcast Journalist where she traveled around Europe, Africa, The Baltics, Australia, and the Southern United States reporting on military events, exercises, and missions. Outside of work, she enjoys hiking, backcountry skiing, backpacking, yoga, and traveling.

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