Community in Unity: Spring Creek

Community members at Spring Creek Correctional Center gather to discuss life behind the prison walls. (Photo courtesy of DOC)

Community in Unity: Spring Creek

Most people who go to prison in Alaska will eventually be released. To be successful on the outside, they need to develop new skills and outlooks. But what’s happening behind the walls to make that possible?

On Sept. 26, inmates, staff, and other community members gathered at Spring Creek Correctional Center in Seward to talk about life in prison, what’s helping people prepare for the future, and the prison’s role in the wider community.

Listen to the conversation on KSKA 91.1 FM in Anchorage and 88.1 FM in Seward on Tuesday, Oct. 17 at 2 pm and repeating at 7 pm.

After being told innumerable times that maybe she asked too many questions, Anne Hillman decided to pursue a career in journalism. She's reported from around Alaska since 2007 and briefly worked as a community radio journalism trainer in rural South Sudan.
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