Alaskan firefighters dispatched to battle blazes in Montana

Over 500 Alaskans are working wildfires in the Lower 48. According to state and federal wildfire response agencies, a sixth jet load of emergency firefighters from Alaska deployed this week to Montana.

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The crews from Fairbanks, Marshall, Nulato and the Upper Tanana region, headed south, joining Alaskans already working blazes in Montana, California and Oregon. The earlier deployed fire fighters include three Hotshot crews, two Initial attack teams, an Alaska based U.S. Forest Service crew and the White Mountain, Yukon, Tanana Chiefs and Gannet Glacier crews.

Meanwhile, others from the communities of Chevak, Allakaket, Venetie and Arctic Village returned home this week from assignments in California.

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Dan Bross is a reporter at KUAC in Fairbanks.