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Christine’s caribou antlers taken on the eastern slopes of the north side of the Brooks Range. Photo: Steve Meyer

As fans of great writing, and lovers of Alaska’s outdoors, we’re always fascinated when we read something that captures what’s really special and important about our state, and activities like hunting and fishing, that connect us to it’s wild places. It’s not easy to do in words, because these are physical activities that provide meaning, and if you could get that meaning just from someone telling you about it, you wouldn’t need to go out in the first place. When someone captures a bit of that magic on the page, it’s worth paying attention to. That’s why the newspaper columns written by the guests on this next show are so impressive. They somehow bring their perspectives as a couple to their experience of the outdoors and the way they describe it. We sit down for an interview with these remarkable writers and outdoors people on the Next Outdoor Explorer.



HOST: Charles Wohlforth



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