Nearly 30 people hurt in Skagway tour accident

Nearly 30 people were injured Wednesday on a tour in Skagway.

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According to a news release from the city, a Unimog touring vehicle went off the road about 11 a.m. at the Alaska Excursions Dog Camp.

The Skagway company offers tours of a musher’s camp in Dyea.

The fire department and EMS volunteers responded to the scene of the accident at 10-mile Dyea Road.

25 of 28 people transported to the local Dahl Memorial Clinic were treated and released. Three were medevaced to receive further treatment.

According to the clinic’s executive director Shelly O’Boyle, injuries ranged from bumps and bruises to several broken bones and a few head injuries.

The clinic’s emergency plan was activated to respond to the accident.

It’s the first time that measure has been taken in a couple years.

In 2014, 23 people were injured when a White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad train derailed.

The fire department and municipality declined to provide any information beyond the limited press release.

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