100 Stone ‘pays it forward’

100 Stone figure
A figure from 100 Stone as displayed in November at Alaska Pacific University. Photo by Michael Conti.

We are all connected, not through tragedy, but through beauty.

So reads the opening page of the 100 Stone website, documenting the collaborative creation and sharing of “personal struggles with vulnerability” as told in sculptural form. The sculptures were created in the summer of 2014 and 2015 in 30 community and private spaces across the state, with the aide of 600 “allies.”

On November 21, 2015, 85 pieces moved from their temporary quarters at The Church of Love on Spenard Road to Point Woronzof. They weathered wind and tides, vandals and theft, and after one fierce storm, were re-installed. The public exhibition opened December 5 and remained available into the spring, eventually be moved off the beach. In November, 2016, they were displayed again at Alaska Pacific University (see image above) for sale or donation as a part of a program to “pay it forward,” that is, to find another artist and fund a different community engagement and healing public advocacy project.

On the next program, we’ll learn where that effort is today. The ongoing sale of the 100 Stone statues will help fund new work, artist Sarah Davies’ effort to “pay forward” the opportunity she received to create 100 Stone. The Alaska Humanities Forum will take the insight and energy behind 100 Stone into a new phase, called HUMAN:ties (pronounced like two words, human ties). This summer they will accept applications for a $10,000 grant to create a new community art project focused on homelessness. The grant will be awarded in the fall. Details can be found at the Alaska Humanities Forum website.

While this program will not take calls due to scheduling issues, we will provide links and contact information for community members and artists who wish to follow up on the next phase of this project. Join us for this community update.


HOST: Kathleen McCoy


  • Sarah Davies, creator, 100 Stone
  • Megan Zlatos, Alaska Humanities Forum, director of grants and special projects
  • Kameron Perez-Verdia, Alaska Humanities Forum, director and CEO



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