49 Voices: John Borg of Eagle

Post Office building in Eagle during spring ice break-up. John Borg was the postmaster and mayor of Eagle when author John McPhee came through in 1976. (Photo courtesy of Brad Snow & Lilly Allen Collection. Alaska and Polar Regions Collections, University of Alaska Fairbanks)

This week on 49 Voices, we’re doing something a little different. John Borg was the mayor and postmaster of Eagle, Alaska, in 1976 when author John McPhee came through to research for his best-selling book Coming into the Country. For 40 years now, readers come into Eagle every summer asking about the characters they met in the book. John Borg shared his thoughts with Alaska’s Energy Desk about what it’s like to host these literary tourists.

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Alaska’s Energy Desk celebrating the anniversary of John McPhee’s book Coming into the Country with a series of interviews, stories and public forums this month.

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