RKP Productions presents two one-act plays at Out North

Nava Sarracino in The Child Behind the Eyes

RKP Productions (Dick Reichman, Audrey/Bruce Kelly and Bob Pond) will be presenting two one-act plays at Out North Contemporary Art House opening September 16 and running through September 25. The Phone written by Dick Reichman explores a relationship between a mother and daughter undermined by the onset of Alzheimer’s (with a strong connection to the myth of Eurydice and Orpheus) while The Child Behind The Eyes by Nava Semel is a tour de force monodrama starring Nava Sarracino about a woman dealing with her son who has Down’s Syndrome. Reichman, actor Bernie Blaine and director Vivian Melde drop by Stage Talk this week.




  • Dick Reichman, playwright and producer (RKP Productions), The Phone
  • Bernie Blaine, actor in The Phone
  • Vivian Melde, Director, The Child Behind the Eyes

ORIGINAL BROADCAST: Friday, September 16, at 2:45 p.m.

Audio will be posted following radio broadcast.

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